About The Blog

This blog is updated by Master’s Degree Programme in Tourism Marketing and Management. It is an information platform for our master’s degree programme. We will produce open and useful content in all our courses, teaching our students content creation in practice. We believe that information should be shared and hope that this blog is useful especially for tourism industry, particularly tourism businesses and destinations.

Master’s Degree Programme in Tourism Marketing and Management is not only about making money; we aim to make tourism better. Better for tourism businesses, better for tourists, better for environment and better for local communities. This is what we teach our students and this is what the students can do when they have finished our degree programme.

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Our Tourism Business Students

Our students are problem solvers who enjoy challenges and want to see the effects of their work. They are critical thinkers who can identify and tackle complex problems in the field of tourism. They are creative, service oriented, quality conscious and hard working.

We provide students comprehensive knowledge on how to manage and market tourism businesses and destinations in modern, global tourism field. Our program is not the easiest there is, but there are not many like it in the world. We focus on understanding the customer, on creating value for all people and organizations involved in tourism, on small and medium-sized enterprises, and on wellbeing of tourists, nature, businesses and local people. We do this with the latest academic knowledge combined with real life business challenges.

For more information about the programme go to www.uef.fi/tmm

This blog is edited by Dr. Juho Pesonen, head of e-tourism research at the University of Eastern Finland. E-mail juho.pesonen[at]uef.fi